KAUTZ Technologies GmbH

We bring you forward. KAUTZ Technologies works with you to develop reliable solutions for practice-oriented use. We accompany your project from the construction to the assembly on site and already for more than three decades.
With our wide-ranging know-how in steel technology, plant construction, hydraulic cylinders and special solutions, we are able to meet even the most complex requirements.
In the KAUTZ Group, more than 120 highly trained employees are doing their best in two factories with an area of around 8,500 square meters every day to ensure their success and reliability in the future as well. In addition to assembly, we produce for you the required machines, systems, individual and series parts on the most modern CNC milling / turning centers, with a piece weight of up to 80 tons.
Rely on Reliability, Quality & Engineering, Made in Germany.



Our story, already over three decades

KAUTZ Technologies, a success story since 1980


  • 2017

    Generation change & name change

    Miriam Kautz and Valentin Singer will continue to run KAUTZ Technologies GmbH in the future. Walter Kautz is retiring.

  • 2015

    KAUTZ Vorrichtungsbau celebrates its 35th anniversary

    In March 2015 the company KAUTZ Vorrichtungsbau GmbH celebrates its 35th anniversary and the company founder Walter Kautz turns 65 years.

  • 2008

    Inauguration of the new assembly hall in Willstätt-Legelshurst

    In September 2008, the Kautz family, together with customers and employees, inaugurated the new assembly hall in Willstätt-Legelshurst, in which amongst others new sugarloaf machines for Morocco should be mounted.

  • 2005

    Integration of OSAG, OKS & MCO into KAUTZ construction

    One of the most important events in the short but successful company history is the resolution of OSAG, OKS and MCO and their complete integration into today's KAUTZ Vorrichtungsbau GmbH in 2005.

  • 1996

    Foundation of the Mechanics Center Ortenau

    The present location of the second plant in the guild street 20 in Kehl-Marlen is founded in January 1996 as MCO GmbH (Mechanics Center Ortenau) - at that time there were still 15, today there are already 45 employees.

  • 1985

    Construction of the current headquarters

    In 1985, Kautz built the present headquarters in Willstätt-Legelshurst, which will continue to be expanded in the following years. The success story now takes its course with 18 employees, expansion of special machine production and the acquisition of the first CNC machines. In 1990, Kautz counts 60 employees and has an annual turnover of 8.6 million marks.

  • 1984

    Factory workshop in Kehl-Marlen

    In January 1984, Walter Kautz moves into the factory hall in the guild street in Kehl-Marlen, where he continuously expands the special machine segment and, for example, offers a brushing machine for the furniture industry. Likewise, emphasis is placed on the production of hydraulic cylinders and well-known companies, like Bosch Rexroth supplies.

  • 1980

    Beginning of the success story

    The success story of today's KAUTZ Vorrichtungsbau GmbH begins in 1980, when Walter Kautz, aged 30, buys the milk collection site in Odelshofen, Baden-Württemberg, where he founds the one-man business "Walter Kautz Maschinenbau". Workbench, drill, welder - more is not available.