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The KAUTZ Vorrichtungsbau, today KAUTZ Technologies, was founded in 1980 by Walter Kautz. Since the first days, the production of plant parts and components for the steel mill technology was an important pillar of the company. Close to our location there is a steel producer (BSW) as well as a plant manufacturer for the steel industry (Fuchs Systemtechnik). Through these decades of cooperation with our partners and customers, we have achieved a high level of know-how that meets the requirements under the toughest conditions. Today, we are not only able to manufacture parts, but also to generate appropriate developments and optimizations together with our customers. This extensive know-how also flowed into the development and production of the second product line, the manufacture of cylinders for the steel industry, as well as plant and vehicle construction.

The KAUTZ Technologies is able to react fast and efficiently to customer wishes and requirements. With 70 employees from the planning, construction and manufacturing up to the service on site, everything is realised from one source and from one location.


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KAUTZ Technologies GmbH

Competent employees and an efficient management are essential components of the success story of KAUTZ Technologies. With team spirit, motivation and the combination of different competences, we are the right contact person for you in the steel mill technology. For this purpose we master all challenges and work hand in hand with you on the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

Walter Kautz

Company founder

The owner Walter Kautz founded the company in 1980 and looks back on 40 years of successful growth.

Miriam Kautz

Managing Director

Ms. Kautz as commercial director is responsible for strategic corporate development, as well as for corporate communications, human resources and controlling. She not only brings structure to the company, but also ensures the optimal and efficient integration of internal procedures and processes. Ms. Kautz leads the successful company in a customer-oriented manner, not least due to her many years of experience in controlling in the international automotive industry.

Valentin Singer

Managing Director

Valentin Singer is technical managing director of KAUTZ Technologies. By expertise and longtime experience he ensures the compliance with the customer requirements. He is an expert for special machines and calculations and is part of the Kautz management for more than 20 years.

Helmut Schneider

Vice President Sales

Mr. Schneider as sales manager offers you as a customer optimal solutions for your requirements in steelworks technology through many years of experience. He looks back on a career in the steel plant industry spanning decades. Stations in his career: - Director Projects TEC-Swiss - Director Projects Horst Wiesinger Consulting Swiss - Director Projects VWN Steel Solutions - Project Director Siemens VAI (today Primetals) - Senior Project Manager VAI-Fuchs - Director Sales FUCHS USA

Uwe Wilhelm

Construction manager

Mr. Wilhelm (Dipl.-Ing. Maschinenbau) has more than 30 years of experience in metallurgical plant construction, including the design and operation of EAF, LF, dedusting plants, continuous casting and rolling mills. Together with his competent team he designs optimal solutions for your individual requirements. His most important career steps in over decades include VP Danieli Service at DANIELI Group // Executive Manager Engineering Electric Steel Making at DANIELI Group // Director Engineering VWN Steel Solutions // Director Engineering Siemens VAI Metals Technologies (today Primetals) // Director Technical Sales VAI FUCHS // Director Engineering FUCHS USA & Mexico.

Pascal Stenger

Head of Service

Mr. Stenger can fall back on a comprehensive wealth of knowledge. Mr. Stenger's career uniquely combines professional experience in steel mill maintenance and a solid background in plant engineering and steel plant technology design. With more than 30 years of experience, divided into 21 years in the Badische Stahlwerke in Germany and over 10 years of experience in metallurgical plant construction, Mr. Stenger is your contact person as service manager. Insight into his career: BADISCHE Stahlwerke - Project manager for the continuous improvement of the efficiency of maintenance activities and the associated reduction of downtimes (melting and rolling mills), training of the maintenance groups of the entire steel plant and the reinforcing steel rolling mill, head of the maintenance department for the shutdown planning and execution of major shutdowns, Project manager for commissioning / start-up of steel and rolling mill equipment // SIEMENS VAI & DANIELI - on-site activities of the Vice-President for commissioning and service tasks, project manager for carrying out studies in steel plants for various requirements.

Timo Gartner

Work scheduling & QM

Mr. Gartner is in charge of work preparation and quality management. His area of responsibility includes the adherence to the highest quality standards, reproducibility of the work and production processes and their documentation, among other things also for quality tracking to ensure that the products and plant components leave the company in the proven KAUTZ quality.

Carmen Bloch

Purchasing Management

Mrs. Bloch completed her commercial training at KAUTZ more than 10 years ago. Today she is the head of our purchasing department and with her team she consistently ensures the procurement of materials and components which allow us to produce products which meet the highest quality requirements.

Andreas Haag

Production Planning Manager

Mr. Haag manages the capacity, production planning and maintenance of the machinery. Together with our work preparation and production management, he ensures the completion of our products in terms of quality and deadlines.

Udo Strack

Production Manager

Mr. Strack is one of the employees who grew up at Kautz Technologies and therefore has many years of experience in plant engineering. He supports you in the planning, control and implementation of your solutions. Especially his experience with large components and the large network he has built up over the years reflect his efficiency and structure.

Christophe Welschinger

Head of welding shop

Mr. Welschinger is head of department in the welding shop and has been with our company for over 30 years. Customer-oriented, he and his team turn the designs into reality.

Jean-Pierre Peregi

Management of in-house assembly

Mr. Peregi manages and organizes the in-house assembly and delegates the tasks to the assembly team.


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