Steel Mill Technologie

Together with our partner,  TripleS, we, KAUTZ Technologies GmbH, act as your competent specialist in the steel technology sector.
Whether consulting, engineering, repairs, conversions or new buildings - you can count on us! We offer you competent advice, professional engineering, repairs, conversions or new buildings of your plants. 

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Our solutions:

  • EAF for steel plants & foundries
  • Ladle furnace (LF)
  • Reconstruction / revamping of existing facilities
  • Engineering
  • State-of-the-art components for your steel mill
  • Peripherals & equipment

The spraycooled eaf roof (pictured above) was made on behalf of Spraycooled:


Electric arc furnaces from KAUTZ Technologies

KAUTZ Technologies offers you all components such as upper and lower shells, roofs, gantry, furnace tilt frames and platforms, electrode arms, hydraulic systems and components and various injection systems (coal, lime, …). KAUTZ Technologies creates complete solutions for modern systems that meet even the highest demands of a wide range of applications. We deliver everything from planning to construction on site, all from one source.


The ladle furnace / up to 300t steel

KAUTZ Technologies has been active in the field of secondary metallurgy for many years and knows the ever increasing demands on modern process technologies. In the field of LF (ladle furnace), KAUTZ Technologies offers engineering, production, assembly & commissioning and repair & maintenance of steel ladles, ladle furnace roof, furnace gantry, electrode arms, hydraulicsystems, various alloying and injectionsystems, temperature measurement systems and sampling lance equipment. Our systems stand for long service life, innovative solutions and minimization of operating costs. Our ladle furnaces provide the basis for highest steel quality by setting exact casting temperatures and homogenizing the melt.


Vacuum Oxygen Degasser

KAUTZ Technologies also offers you suitable solutions in this process section. These include vacuum covers, vacuum trucks, vacuum locks. We cover the complete range of engineering, manufacturing & assembly as well as repair & maintenance. Rely on consistent technology from KAUTZ Technologies!


Shape the steel

With our experience in steel technology, we not only develop solutions for metallurgy, but also for all subsequent processes. With the wide range of state-of-the-art roller conveyors with hardened and water-cooled rollers or casting sheets and cold strands, KAUTZ Technologies equips you with the right technology to guarantee a stable, low-maintenance and safe processing process.